Does it ever feel like you clean your windows over and over again, yet they still look dirty and appear foggy? By replacing the glass, we can get rid of that “foggy” look you see. This process is simpler and far less expensive than full window replacement!

Window seal failure is a common problem for aging windows and inevitable in most all residential and commercial buildings with insulated glass. A failed seal around the insulated glass unit allows moisture-laden air to get in between the panes which can lead to condensation and the glass looking foggy, wet or dirty. It also degrades the insulating ability of your window.

With glass replacement, we repair just the glass in your windows while leaving your window frames in place. This keeps your home’s window frames matching.

Glass replacement is a great way to upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing the frames. Quality Low-E glass can reduce the sun’s heat entering your windows by 68% and can significantly reduce heat loss from your house. Low-E also helps reduce fading caused by UV from sunlight.

Advantages of glass replacement

  • Cheaper than complete window replacement
  • Your window frames will still match
  • Statton Glass can replace the glass in most types of doors and windows
  • You can upgrade to a more energy efficient glass

Stop in or contact us for a free estimate on replacing the glass in your windows or doors.